Monday, March 9, 2015

The Exotic Place Cappadocia

Cappadocia Turkey
Fairy chimneys and valleys formed by erosion of the incredible images that surprised everyone, for the sake of people's belief that they built and carved until now been able to preserve the vitality of rock churches, frescoes, gold-meters of the earth in order to save their lives, sometimes eight-fold-carved out of the underground settlements in Cappadocia today makes up the human and hand in hand with one of the wonders of the world has revealed that nature has given, and Strabo, who lived in the Roman Empire, which was written the name of the book Geographika Cappadocia, Malatya in the east, Aksaray at west, south and north of the Taurus Mountains in the Eastern Black Sea region dating back to the limit today is b ir equal to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the rock churches, underground cities of Cappadocia is the present, these formations have the highest density of Avanos, Urgup, Uchisar, Goreme, Ortahisar, Gulsehir, Derinkuyu valley near Aksaray comes to mind with the geological formation of Cappadocia Erciyes, Hasan, Melendiz, Göllüdağ with many small volcanic mountains, the region spanning the upper Miocene epoch started with bursts of lava, lakes, streams on the different hardness of 100-150 meters high plateau of tuff layer constituted more

Baloons at Cappadocia

More than its share of the natural beauty of the earth the shadow of the clouds part, Pamukkale, natural resources located in the region are very lucky in terms of Pamukkale, with each passing day more and more popular, and very rich have the resources promised by the thermal tourism centers located in Denizli, 17-18 kilometers away from The first two aspects have to Pamukkale View, that famous, everyone knows Pamukkale'si travertine, one of the ancient city of Hierapolis, the existence of these two nested cuts

Until a close, travertine and motellerle the hotel was full of the region except for one of the buildings demolished some time ago, the environment is very clean, but not in the mood, and yet that old white travertine limestone spring water in the absence of which the formation of travertines of Pamukkale divided into twenty or so, every verilebiliyor the area with water a couple of days.

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