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Cesme Has the Most Beautiful Sea

Izmir Cesme

Crystal clear sea at Cesme beachThe Çesme Peninsula, lapped by the waters of the Aegean Sea, lies west of Izmir, in Turkey’s Aegean region. Çesme, meaning fountain in Turkish, derives from the many sources of water found in the area. It is one of Turkey’s most beautiful stretches, surrounded by clear blue seas, with landscapes of cultivated fields of aniseed, sesame and artichokes dotted with fig and gum trees. In the un-spoilt bays you can swim in absolute peace. Visitors will find excellent holiday accommodations, restaurants and sports and entertainment facilities. It is possible also to get to Greek island Chios (Sakiz) with regular daily ferries. Çesme has an international harbor linked to Izmir with a superb highway (80kms).
Çesme was captured from the Byzantines by a Seljuk Turkish force under Çaka Bey in the 11th century. With the decline of the Seljuks in the 13th century it became part of the Aydinogullari principality, which used Çesme as a naval base. The Ottoman sultan Yildirim Bayezit (1389-1402) captured Çesme, but after this ruler’s defeat at the hands of Tamerlane (Timur) the town was returned to the Aydinogullari, finally being recaptured by Bayezit’s son Mehmed I (1413-1421).
A 14th century Genoese fortress, restored and enlarged by the Ottomans in the 16th century, dominates the small port of Çesme and now houses a weapons museum. Today, the town is a popular holiday resort with good accommodations and restaurants. The 16th century caravanserai near the fortress, Öküz Mehmet Pasa Kervansaray, built by Süleyman the Magnificent, has been converted into a hotel. It’s a a solid stone building in good repair whose central courtyard is cool even in the hottest weather. Before the rise of Izmir, Çesme was the region’s major port, and this caravanserai marked the end of the Silk road for the caravans who plodded their weary way across Anatolia from Central Asia and the Middle East. Here the goods were unloaded from the camels for export to Europe by ship through the Aegean and Mediterranean. The Church of Agios Haralambos has been restored as an art gallery. Thermal baths offer a health centered escape from modern life. At night a lively, fun atmosphere pervades, especially in the restaurants, cafes, bars and discos along the promenade. Yachts can be hired to explore the peninsula’s splendid coastline. Çesme hosts an annual International Song Contest in July, one of the most important festivals in Turkey. Çesme is also famous for its mastic flavored ice-cream and mouth watering toasted sandwiches. Above all it is Çesme’s beaches, the longest on the Aegean coast, and turquoise sea which bring holidaymakers back here again and again.
The very popular holiday center of Ilica boasts an excellent white sand beach and the outstanding facilities of the Altin Yunus Marina and Holiday Complex. The bay here is ideal for water sports, especially windsurfing and sailing; there is even an International Windsurfing Race held every year in Çesme and Alaçati, apart from Bodrum. The thermal baths around Ilica are very popular; the best being located on Sifne Bay. In 146 AD the Greek geographer Pausanius described these mineral springs as the ‘sea springs’ and claimed that their therapeutic effects were superior to any other spa in Ionia. They relieve rheumatism, inflammation of the joints, partial paralysis, digestive complaints, and infections of the spine marrow. Pasa Limani has a camp site which offers campers comfortable facilities. Every July on Ilica Bay, the colorful International Çakabey Optimist Yacht race is held.

At night in Cesme

Ildiri, a quiet seaside village 20 km. northeast of Çesme, was ancient Erythrai which emerges on the stage of history in 3000 BC. Excavations here have shown that the site has been settled since the early bronze age, and as a result the area around the village of Ildiri has been declared a national heritage site. The walls around the ancient city are still standing, and Hellenistic period floor mosaics of exceptional beauty can still be seen in one of the buildings. Excavations have also revealed a temple of Athena. Statues, jewelry and other finds from the city are exhibited in Izmir Museum. Those who climb up to the Acropolis at dusk are rewarded with beautiful views as the sun sinks over the bay and islands.
Nearby is Gerence Gulf, a pristine inlet on the northeast Çesme peninsula which can be reached by yacht or car. The natural surroundings offer relaxation while the bay is ideal for water sports.
Dalyan, a fishing village, built on a sheltered deep water inlet just north of Çesme, has some of the region’s best fish restaurants which border the quay of the lively marina.
Tourist are attracted by Çiftlik’s many accommodations and by a long, sandy beach (Pirlanta Plaj) just outside of town to the southwest. Camping facilities are available to the south and nearby stretches one of the area’s best beaches, the Altinkum Plaj (Golden Beach).
Windmills, some of which have been converted into attractive restaurants, dot the hill above Alaçati, a delightful and typical Aegean town. Alaçati lies to the south inland from Ilica and the coast; a couple of kilometers to the south is a good beach. Many lovely bays, accessible only by yacht, stretch along the coast southeast of the town and ensure peaceful and relaxing anchorages in this popular sailing region. The sea at Alaçati has ideal conditions for windsurfing since it is exposed to high winds. There is a windsurfing school on the quay here which holds courses for beginners. Çark Beach is a favorite with families with young children because the sea is shallow.
Known in ancient times as Clazomenae, Urla Iskelesi offers a marina as well as plentiful accommodations in all price ranges. Restaurants on the top of Güvendik hill afford a marvelous view of the bay and its islands.
The prosperous little fishing village of Çesmealti is notable for its simple yet excellent fish restaurants to try Turkish cuisine.
As you drive along the panoramic Karaburun peninsula coast road, you pass several peaceful bays and quaint fishing villages, Balikliova, Mordogan and Karaburun. At Karaburun, pleasant hotels, tea gardens and fish restaurants sit between the beautiful mountain backdrop and the clear, clean water. From Manastir Mountain you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Karaburun coast, the Foça coastline opposite and the entrance of the Gulf of Izmir. If you are lucky, you can spot Mediterranean Seals swimming in the water.
Gümüldür has good tourist facilities, beautiful beaches, restaurants and hotels. Nearby at Ahmetbeyli (Claros) to the east, stand the Apollon Temple and the remains of the colossal statue of Apollo; here you can also enjoy a good fish meal, try Turkish food or a swim at the town’s wide beach. A winding panoramic coastal road leads from Ahmetbeyli south to Pamucak beach near Kusadasi.
On the southern side of the Çesme peninsula near the town of Seferihisar is the small picturesque marina of Sigacik. This important yachting center is surrounded by fortifications dating from the Genoese period and is a good point from which to visit the Temple of Dionysus at the antique site of Teos as well as the lovely Akkum beach.
There are a lot of cheap hotels, holiday apartments , allinclusive hotels in Cesme. Its also possible to go there with lastminute holiday . Very delicious Aegean Restaurants , fish and other sea foods you can eat.
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Bolu Abant Natural Park

Bolu Abant 

Now you'll read informations about Abant, Abant Lake , hotels , apartments , cheap holiday, allinclusive hotels in Abant and last minute holiday plans for Abant.

Location: Abant Lake is 33km away from Bolu, in the west of the Black Sea region, and exactly halfway between Ankara and Istanbul.

Transportation: The lake can be reached via the E-5, the Istanbul – Ankara highway, and then turning off at Omerler Madensuyu for 22km. Bolu is well connected by bus to other parts of the country.

Highlights: The lake shelters a variety of plants, and 1150 hectares were designated the status of Natural Park in 1988. The main species are Scotch pine, beech, larch, oak, poplar, ash, horn- beam, willow, juniper, forest rose, tamarisk, hazelnut, holly, dog-rose, bracken, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, nettle, mare’s tail, and a variety of pasture grasses and trees. Species of animals include pig, deer, roe deer, bear, fox, jackal, rabbit, plus birds of prey and singing birds.

The countryside is pleasantly different in very season. In autumn a forest of reds, yellows and greens combine with the rich hues of soil from the brushstrokes of a painter. In winter the landscape is tucked beneath a pure white blanket. Flora and fauna go wild in the Abant springtime offering an endless treasure for photographers.

Abant in Winter

The lake in summer has rich plant life with wild fruit trees, flowers, mushrooms all around, and water lilies covering the surface.

Facilities: The best time to visit the lake is between May and September, especially for walking and picnicking around the lake. There are a few hotels in the park.

lakes in Turkey. It has an area of 1.28 square km. and a maximum depth of 18 m. It is 1328 m. above the sea level. It was formed as a result of a land slide. Due to its natural beauty, it is a favorite vacation and recreation spot for Turkish and foreign visitors.

Abant Lake

The forests around the lake is covered with a variety of trees such as European black pines, Scots pines, oaks, ashes, hornbeams, willows, junipers, tamarisks, hazels, common medlar, and strawberry trees. Wild animals in the surrounding forests include wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, brown bear, red fox, jackal and rabbit. In addition to them, Lake Abant has an endemic brown trout subspecies, Salmo trutta abanticus, also called “Abant alası” in Turkish Lake Abant and its surrounding area is preserved as a natural park.

In Abant you will see Büyük Abant Oteli , Abant Bahçeli Köşk  Abant Aden Boutique Hotel Spa,Highway Otel, 

There are a lot of options for every budgets in Abant as hotel. If you're looking for vacation in Turkey Abant is wonderful place for winter holiday!

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I'm gonna write some informations about Pamukkale , vacation in Pamukkale. And you'll see many cheap hotels, allinclusive hotels, cheap holiday apartments , lastminute holiday options there.

Pamukkale ; meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site and attraction in south-western Turkey in the Denizli Province. The ancient city of Hierapolis was built on top of the white “castle” which is in total about 2700 meters long and 160m high. It can be seen from a great distance, eg. when driving down the hills on the opposite side of the valley to the town of Denizli, which is 20 km away. Pamukkale is located in Turkey’s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which enjoys a temperate climate over the greater part of the year.

The tectonic movements that took place in the fault depression of the Menderes river basin did not only cause frequent earthquakes, but also gave rise to the emergence of a number of very hot springs, and it is the water from one of these springs, with its large mineral content — chalk in particular — that created Pamukkale. Apart from some radioactive material, the water contains large amounts of hydrogen carbonate and calcium, which leads to the precipitation of calcium bi-carbonate. The effect of this natural phenomenon leaves thick white layers of limestone and travertine cascading down the mountain slope resembling a frozen waterfall.

Pamukkale is a famous tourist attraction of Turkey. Tourists travel from the coast of Antalya and the Aegean Sea to Pamukkale as it is one of two World Heritage Sites in Turkey, together with Hierapolis. Only a few other places in the world resemble it, including the Mammoth Hot Springs in the USA and Huanglong in Sichuan Province of China (another UNESCO World Heritage Site). Hierapolis-Pamukkale was made a World Heritage Site in 1988. The ruins of Greek temples and baths can be seen here.

Baths in Pamukkale

Before the World Heritage designation, Pamukkale went unprotected for decades in the late 20th century and hotels were built on top of the site, destroying parts of the remains of Hierapolis. Hot water from the springs was taken to fill the hotel pools and the waste water was spilled over the monument itself, turning it brownish. A tarmac road ramp was built into the main part. People walked around with shoes, washed themselves with soap and shampoo in the pools and rode bikes and motorbikes up and down the slopes. By the time UNESCO turned its attention to Pamukkale, the site was losing its attraction. Officials made attempts to restore the site. The hotels were demolished, and the road ramp was covered with artificial pools which today are accessible to bare-footed tourists, unlike most other parts of the site. Tadpoles can be found in the pools. A small trench was carved along the outside of the ramp to collect the water and prevent it from spilling. The brownish parts have been left to be bleached by the sun without being covered by water to lessen the problem. Many pools are thus empty. Others parts are covered with water for an hour or two according to a schedule which is on display on top of the hill.

The underground volcanic activity which causes the hot springs also caused carbon dioxide to seep into a cave which as a result was called the Plutonium meaning place of the god, Pluto.

If you want to have informations about other touristic places in Turkey, go from here.

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The Exotic Place Cappadocia

Cappadocia Turkey
Fairy chimneys and valleys formed by erosion of the incredible images that surprised everyone, for the sake of people's belief that they built and carved until now been able to preserve the vitality of rock churches, frescoes, gold-meters of the earth in order to save their lives, sometimes eight-fold-carved out of the underground settlements in Cappadocia today makes up the human and hand in hand with one of the wonders of the world has revealed that nature has given, and Strabo, who lived in the Roman Empire, which was written the name of the book Geographika Cappadocia, Malatya in the east, Aksaray at west, south and north of the Taurus Mountains in the Eastern Black Sea region dating back to the limit today is b ir equal to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the rock churches, underground cities of Cappadocia is the present, these formations have the highest density of Avanos, Urgup, Uchisar, Goreme, Ortahisar, Gulsehir, Derinkuyu valley near Aksaray comes to mind with the geological formation of Cappadocia Erciyes, Hasan, Melendiz, Göllüdağ with many small volcanic mountains, the region spanning the upper Miocene epoch started with bursts of lava, lakes, streams on the different hardness of 100-150 meters high plateau of tuff layer constituted more

Baloons at Cappadocia

More than its share of the natural beauty of the earth the shadow of the clouds part, Pamukkale, natural resources located in the region are very lucky in terms of Pamukkale, with each passing day more and more popular, and very rich have the resources promised by the thermal tourism centers located in Denizli, 17-18 kilometers away from The first two aspects have to Pamukkale View, that famous, everyone knows Pamukkale'si travertine, one of the ancient city of Hierapolis, the existence of these two nested cuts

Until a close, travertine and motellerle the hotel was full of the region except for one of the buildings demolished some time ago, the environment is very clean, but not in the mood, and yet that old white travertine limestone spring water in the absence of which the formation of travertines of Pamukkale divided into twenty or so, every verilebiliyor the area with water a couple of days.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

İznik the History

Famous in İznik

İznik is a city which was a capital for four empires . Every part the city you can see full of history.  On the other hand its so easy to find cheap or all inclusive hotels , cheap holiday apartments or lastminute vacation.

Places you must see in İznik :

Berber Kaya, Beştaş (Obelisk), Hypoge, Senatüs, Theatre, Koimesis, Ayasofya Mosq, Hagios Tryphonos, Yeşil Mosq, Şeyh Kutbettın Camı Ve Türbesi, Eşref-1 Rumî Camı Ve Türbesi, Yakub Çelebi Zaviyesi Ve Türbesi, Kırgızlar Türbesi , Sarı Saltuk Türbesi, Åandarli Hayrettin Paşa Türbesi, Åandarli İbrahim Paşa Türbesi Ve İmareti, Åandarli Halil Paşa Türbesi, Huysuzlar Türbesi, Ahiveyn Sultan Türbesi, Abdülvahap Sancaktarı Türbesi

İznik Lake

Also you can see most of original Turkish Baths in İznik that you must try. I'm sure that you'll like it.

Meals you must eat :

In the lake of İznik there are many kinds of sea products you can try. Around the the lake there a lot of restaurants which have different tastes and so chip places.

The most famous thing in İznik is " vitrified tile " . You can buy for your home or as a gift you can buy it.

There are a lot of cheap and good hotels in İznik you can find easly. So if you are looking a place for holiday and if you are interested about history İznik is the most important city that you must see.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alanya Nights

Bellman Alanya
When the sun went down new life starts in Alanya until the sun rise again . No limit for dance , music and fun. Bars and discos being host for everyone who feels young. You can hear every kind of music at in İskele or at the center and you can test every kinds of alcohol .Night life is same like all European Countries in Alanya . Also you can go with free buses to the clubs wich located at the outside of the center .

 Most famous clubs in Alanya ;

Club Hollywood Alanya

Queens Garden

Havana Club Alanya

Havana Club Alanya

Las Vegas Cafe & Bar

Auditorium Club

Harem Cafe Bar

Sunflower Bar
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Holiday in Alanya

At night Alanya
Alanya is one of the most famous holiday place in Turkey. You can choose Alanya for the best sea , beaches , sun , good hotels , every kind of foods and colorful night life.You can find cheap hotels , holiday apartments or or all inclusive hotels in Alanya. Even if you decided at the lastminute holdiay you can find many places there for every budget.

In Alanya you can find many kinds of souveniers for yourself or for your friends, family. For holdiay, rest and healty life Alanya the holiday paradise for you. Btw in Alanya you'll see many places like caves to visit. So you have to see the place that you can find many things together.

Alanya Castle

Also you can visit in Alanya ; Alanya Castle, Kızıl Kule, Leartis-Learti (Mahmutlar Ruins), Syedra Ruins, Lotape (Aytap) Liman Kenti, Selçuklu Tersanesi, Süleymaniye (Kale) Mosq, Emir Bedrüddin Mosq, Akşebe Sultan Mescidi, Alara Han, Şarapsa Kervansarayı, Damlataş Cave, Büyük Dipsiz Cave, Çimeniçi Cave, Dim Cave, Beldibi Cave, Derya Cave, Hasbahçe Cave, Kadı İni Cave, Korsanlar Cave, Aşıklar Cave, Fosforlu Cave.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave is second biggest cave in Turkey. It's 12km. far from the center of Alanya. You can go there with every kind of vehicle. By your car or minibus possible. In 1999 Dim Cave started to be host for tourists .

Dim Cave

Damlataş Cave

According to researchs it took 10-15 tousands years to have this appearance for cave. When you entered this cave you'll see 20-30mt. long corridor. And after that there is a colorful place like heaven with stalactites and stalagmites. In this cave you feel 23.3 degrees winter and summer both.

Here is the little general informations about Alanya. You won't be regret if you visit this places. Alanya is a holiday paradise with cheap hotels, cheap holiday apartments , for lastminute holiday , for all inclusive holiday or historical way..

If you want to learn smt. about Night Life in Alanya go from here.

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