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Bolu Abant Natural Park

Bolu Abant 

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Location: Abant Lake is 33km away from Bolu, in the west of the Black Sea region, and exactly halfway between Ankara and Istanbul.

Transportation: The lake can be reached via the E-5, the Istanbul – Ankara highway, and then turning off at Omerler Madensuyu for 22km. Bolu is well connected by bus to other parts of the country.

Highlights: The lake shelters a variety of plants, and 1150 hectares were designated the status of Natural Park in 1988. The main species are Scotch pine, beech, larch, oak, poplar, ash, horn- beam, willow, juniper, forest rose, tamarisk, hazelnut, holly, dog-rose, bracken, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, nettle, mare’s tail, and a variety of pasture grasses and trees. Species of animals include pig, deer, roe deer, bear, fox, jackal, rabbit, plus birds of prey and singing birds.

The countryside is pleasantly different in very season. In autumn a forest of reds, yellows and greens combine with the rich hues of soil from the brushstrokes of a painter. In winter the landscape is tucked beneath a pure white blanket. Flora and fauna go wild in the Abant springtime offering an endless treasure for photographers.

Abant in Winter

The lake in summer has rich plant life with wild fruit trees, flowers, mushrooms all around, and water lilies covering the surface.

Facilities: The best time to visit the lake is between May and September, especially for walking and picnicking around the lake. There are a few hotels in the park.

lakes in Turkey. It has an area of 1.28 square km. and a maximum depth of 18 m. It is 1328 m. above the sea level. It was formed as a result of a land slide. Due to its natural beauty, it is a favorite vacation and recreation spot for Turkish and foreign visitors.

Abant Lake

The forests around the lake is covered with a variety of trees such as European black pines, Scots pines, oaks, ashes, hornbeams, willows, junipers, tamarisks, hazels, common medlar, and strawberry trees. Wild animals in the surrounding forests include wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, brown bear, red fox, jackal and rabbit. In addition to them, Lake Abant has an endemic brown trout subspecies, Salmo trutta abanticus, also called “Abant alası” in Turkish Lake Abant and its surrounding area is preserved as a natural park.

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