Saturday, February 28, 2015

Antalya is the Most Wonderfull Holiday Place

Antalya is the best place for summer holiday in Turkey. You'll see there the best beaches, forests, waterfalls, rafting places, caves , lots of hotels for every budgets etc. For all inclusive holidays or  cheap holiday apartments even if you decided at the last minute holiday you can find suitable places for you.

Here is some informations about Antalya

Most beautiful beaches in Antalya are ; 
                    Located at the west side of Antalya and 2 km. long. As a story even Cleopatra took a shower there.

Cleopatra Beach Antalya

    20 km west side of Antalya you'll see this wonderful beach. It's also posibble to stay in tent there.

İncekum Beach Antalya 

Ulaş Beach is on the way of Antalya-Mersin and 6km far from center of Antalya. On this way if you follow Karayolu Ulaş Dinlenme Parkı sign on the road you'll reach this beach.

Ulaş Beah Antalya

This is  historical harbor of Antalya. Latope ancient city still has Turkish bath , castle , graves to see. It's located at the 30 km east side of Antalya.

Lotape iotape Antalya

       At the 12km eastside of Antalya you'll find best place to swim. Most famous beach in Antalya is Lara. 

Lara Antalya

1,5 km long beach has many hotels and aparts around it. Also you'll find many restaurants or other shops.

Konyaaltı Beach Antalya

I tried to give some informations about Antalya's beaches. With next subject i'm gonna write about night-life in Antalya.

If you want to read about Antalya's night life you go from here.

I hope you enjoy!

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