Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Holiday in Alanya

At night Alanya
Alanya is one of the most famous holiday place in Turkey. You can choose Alanya for the best sea , beaches , sun , good hotels , every kind of foods and colorful night life.You can find cheap hotels , holiday apartments or or all inclusive hotels in Alanya. Even if you decided at the lastminute holdiay you can find many places there for every budget.

In Alanya you can find many kinds of souveniers for yourself or for your friends, family. For holdiay, rest and healty life Alanya the holiday paradise for you. Btw in Alanya you'll see many places like caves to visit. So you have to see the place that you can find many things together.

Alanya Castle

Also you can visit in Alanya ; Alanya Castle, Kızıl Kule, Leartis-Learti (Mahmutlar Ruins), Syedra Ruins, Lotape (Aytap) Liman Kenti, Selçuklu Tersanesi, Süleymaniye (Kale) Mosq, Emir Bedrüddin Mosq, Akşebe Sultan Mescidi, Alara Han, Şarapsa Kervansarayı, Damlataş Cave, Büyük Dipsiz Cave, Çimeniçi Cave, Dim Cave, Beldibi Cave, Derya Cave, Hasbahçe Cave, Kadı İni Cave, Korsanlar Cave, Aşıklar Cave, Fosforlu Cave.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave is second biggest cave in Turkey. It's 12km. far from the center of Alanya. You can go there with every kind of vehicle. By your car or minibus possible. In 1999 Dim Cave started to be host for tourists .

Dim Cave

Damlataş Cave

According to researchs it took 10-15 tousands years to have this appearance for cave. When you entered this cave you'll see 20-30mt. long corridor. And after that there is a colorful place like heaven with stalactites and stalagmites. In this cave you feel 23.3 degrees winter and summer both.

Here is the little general informations about Alanya. You won't be regret if you visit this places. Alanya is a holiday paradise with cheap hotels, cheap holiday apartments , for lastminute holiday , for all inclusive holiday or historical way..

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